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Terrain Tamer parts
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A taste of Adventure
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Our rally-raid and 4WD vehicles for rent


Hire one of our 4WD equipped vehicles for your next adventure!

Rally-raid and 4WD travel

Thanks to our experience in 4x4 rally and rally-raids, we offer two well-equipped Toyota Prado for rent. The perfect vehicles for the Gazelles & Men Rally, Rallye Aicha des Gazelles, Cap Femina, Roses de Sables Trophy, etc., as well as for private offroad trips and holidays.

Long and short-term rental.

Terms and conditions : contact us

Land Cruiser KZJ95

Aicha des Gazelles Rally and the Gazelles & Men Rally

Thank you to the following teams who trusted us for the preparation or hiring of their competition vehicle


With Banditoy vehicles:

Team 166 - 1st participation


With Banditoy vehicles:

Les Courtières du Désert - 1st participation

Sophie Naylor - Chinese-Swiss team- 1st participation

With private vehicles

Forever à l'ouest - with a TLC HZJ76

Gazelles Ô Soleil  - with a TLC FJ Cruiser

les Kuhni - Team 129 - 1st position! - with TLC HZJ76


With Banditoy vehicles:

Pa Capona team - 1st participation

Les Hélvètes du Désert - 1st participation

With private vehicles

Gazelles Ô Soleil - withTLC FJ Cruiser

Gazelles Forever -  with TLC HZJ76


With Banditoy vehicles:

100% Gazell'évasion - 6th overall position

2 nanas et un 4x4 - 1st participation

With private vehicles:

Gazelles Ô Soleil - 4th overall position - with TLC FJ Cruiser


Les Gazhelvétiques - 1st participation

2013 & 2014

Les Gazelles Swiss Made


Raylle Aicha des Gazelles

Les équipages nous ayant fait confiance depuis 2013 pour la location et/ou la préparation de leur véhicule:


Avec véhicules Banditoy:

100% Gazell'évasion - 6ème au classement général

2 nanas et un 4x4

En préparation complémentaire:

Gazelles Ô Soleil - 4ème au classement général


Les Gazhelvétiques


Les Gazelles Swiss Made


Les Gazelles Swiss Made


  • RAG 2016 Terrain Tamer
    RAG 2016 Terrain Tamer
  • RAG 2016 Banditoy
    RAG 2016 Banditoy
  • RAG 2016
    RAG 2016
  • RAG 2013
    RAG 2013
  • RAG test drive
    RAG test drive


Marc Bandieri
Bandieri Sàrl
Rue du Pelaz 13/15
CH-1269 Bassins

T: +41(0)22.366.18.22
E: contact

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